After the mass shooting Connecticut today, Rep. Dennis Kucinich reiterated his support for a "Department of Peace."

"It is long past time that we take an organized approach to addressing the violence in our society and that is exactly what the proposal for a cabinet level Department of Peace is all about. We must reject violence and take an organized approach to averting violence," said the congressman in a prepared statement.

Kucinich also said, “Today’s shooting was a tragedy of unimaginable proportions. Our hearts ache for the victims and their families. While we don’t know why this attack took place, it is an attack on education, on public safety and on our children.

"For those of us outside the direct impact of this tragedy, our mourning turns into a search for ways to ensure that these shootings do not continue to happen.

"There is an undercurrent of violence in our society that is becoming more powerful. Whenever it surfaces it brings great tragedy and we pray: never again. But ‘never again’ keeps happening. Malls, schools, movie theaters; these murders attack our sense of community."

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