Alana Goodman of the Washington Free Beacon reports:

Former Sen. Jon Kyl (R., Ariz.) criticized what he described as a resurgent isolationist streak in Congress during a breakfast discussion at the Capitol Hill Club on Tuesday.

Kyl, who led the 2010 Senate fight against President Obama’s missile reduction treaty with Russia, also discussed the American Internationalism Project he launched with former Sen. Joe Lieberman at the American Enterprise Institute. The project seeks to promote the principles of national security, economic prosperity, and American values.

“You see [this isolationist streak] both in the House and in the Senate,” said Kyl. “And this is why Joe [Lieberman] and I decided to work together on this project. We had seen this developing in our last couple years of our service in the Senate.”

Kyl said the unwillingness of Republicans to find a solution to sequestration-mandated defense cuts was “the most troubling evidence” that the party is moving away from its traditionally strong stance on national defense.

“The lack of dedication to finding a solution to the problem on the Republican side convinced me that we had to begin to find an alternative way of discussing this subject because clearly we were not being effective in our conversation,” said Kyl.

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