The Scrapbook is thrilled to report that actor, comedian, and -Weekly Standard friend and contributor Larry Miller is relaunching his popular podcast, This Week with Larry Miller, on ACE Broadcasting ( Nine months ago, Larry accidentally lost his footing and banged his head against a wall. Yes, there’s more to it than that.

Fans of Larry and his show will not be shocked to learn that the founder of the Larry Miller Drinking Society suffered this accident outside an Irish pub. While waiting for his second martini, he went out for a smoke. A couple was walking in, at which point Larry, ever the gentleman, intended to hold the door open for them. During the maneuvering he lost his footing and ultimately hit the back of his head against the wall of the bar. “Shouldn’t I be falling down after I have the drink?” he wondered on his show. Fortunately, someone called an ambulance. (While waiting for it, Larry was able to go back inside for his martini, feeling just fine​—​at least until the bartender informed him he was bleeding.)

But he wasn’t fine. “For a couple of weeks you look like you’re in a Frankenstein movie,” Larry relates in his podcast. Indeed, the doctors even placed him in an induced coma. But his brain healed perfectly, and after a month in physical rehab, he was back on his feet. Larry informs The Scrapbook that while “ ‘up and running’ is a good phrase, ‘walking carefully’ is better.”

“We’re back here now,” Larry assures his listeners. “That’s right, it’s the new year. What year is it?"

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