No, not that kind of "recovering" (thank God), but the actor, comedian, and WEEKLY STANDARD contributor Larry Miller spent the last few days in the hospital after suffering a head injury, falling outside (of all places) a bar in Los Angeles on April 3. His rep told, "It was accidental. It was outside. He was telling a story. He fell backward and [they] rushed him to the hospital." Most important is that "He's doing fine. The doctors are keeping him as a precautionary measure just to observe him."

We trust that Larry, who we've enjoyed watching on screen and on stage over the years, will be back soon doing what he does best—well, besides imbibing (he is, of course, the president of the Larry Miller Drinking Society and the man behind the Five Levels of Drinking)—i.e., performing his standup routine, the larger-staged "Cocktails With Larry Miller," and his always terrific podcast, "This Week With Larry Miller."

We wish him and his family well.

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