Writing in the Tennessean, a man named George Parker writes:

For many years I opposed school vouchers, also known as opportunity scholarships. Now I strongly support legislative efforts in Tennessee to give parents this powerful tool to improve their child’s education. I can no longer in good conscience stand with those who would rather see poor children remain trapped in inferior schools than support innovative ideas like opportunity scholarships that will offer some a way out.

Mr.Parker is no ordinary citizen or parent. The thumbnail bio at the end of his piece describes him as:

… a 30-year veteran math teacher of the Washington, D.C., public school system; a former president of the Washington Teachers Union

Parker writes that his:

... change of heart boiled down to this: I realized my opposition to opportunity scholarships was based on prioritizing adult interests above those of kids. As a former union leader, I made maintaining union influence and power a greater priority than meeting the educational needs of parents and students.

Pretty clear-cut. The union or the kids. The political class goes with the union since that’s where the money is.

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