Violence escalates in Cairo:

Clashes between protesters and supporters of the Egyptian regime heated up Thursday afternoon, prompting the military to fire bursts of warning shots and re-position tanks to keep the two sides apart.

The Mubarak regime targets the press:

The Egyptian government broadened its crackdown on Thursday to the international media and human rights workers, in an apparent effort to remove witnesses to the battle with anti-government protesters.

Armed supporters of President Hosni Mubarak attacked foreign journalists, punching them and smashing their equipment. Men who protesters said were plainclothes police officers shut down news media outlets that had been operating in buildings overlooking Tahrir Square.

At least five killed:

At least five anti-government protesters were shot dead in Tahrir Square early Thursday and hundreds more were injured, demonstrators said, as the bloody clashes between demonstrators and government loyalists continued for a second day.

U.S. State Department says to get out:

We advise U.S. citizens to avoid demonstrations and carefully proceed to the airport during non-curfew hours.

John McCain wants Mubarak to step down now.

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