Rep. Steven LaTourette, a moderate congressman from Ohio who won praise from the press for his preening moderation, ended his 9-term career in the House of Representatives last week. LaTourette said he retired because he was fed up with polarization in Congress. When asked about his future plans, LaTourette told The Atlantic's Molly Ball last week, "I'll go back and find something productive to do with my life. As opposed to the last 18 years."

Today, it was announced in a press release that LaTourette will run a lobbying shop "with offices overlooking Capitol Hill":

LaTourette will serve as President of the newly created McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies with offices overlooking Capitol Hill. The office will provide strategic advice and assistance at the federal government level. LaTourette will team with his wife, Jennifer LaTourette, a Vice President at a major independent lobbying company for the past decade, who will serve as Vice President of McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies.

Another press release today announced that LaTourette, a big fan of earmarks, has been hired to serve a three-year stint as president of the Republican Mainstream Partnership, an organization that describes itself as a home for "fiscally conservative" Republicans.

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