Hofstra University Law School has released a press release celebrating a settlement its "Occupy Wall Street Clinic" reached with the City of New York over "a protester who sustained injuries while being arrested at an Occupy Wall Street demonstration."

According to the settlement, Occupy Wall Street protester Sade Adona will receive $25,001 from the City of New York. "In her Complaint in the case, Ms. Adona alleged that members of the NYPD falsely arrested her during that protest and unconstitutionally used excessive force in her arrest. In the case, the City also agreed to a judgment of attorneys’ fees of $24,000 for the Hofstra Law Clinic and $11,000 to Gideon Oliver," the settlement reads.

Tuition at Hofstra last year for full time students was $47,034.

The press release notes:

Like so many of their peers, Hofstra Law students took a keen interest in the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) demonstrations. Through a special clinic developed by Professor Stefan Krieger, a group of committed students applied their legal expertise to assist this OWS plaintiff. Faculty in the Criminal Law, Youth Advocacy, Community and Economic Development, and Mediation clinics joined in the supervision of the students and shared their unique expertise on the different issues raised by OWS.

"The OWS Clinic's victory proves that when, as legal educators, we provide experiential-learning opportunities in areas they are passionate about, law students can effect positive change in the world around them," said Krieger.

Finally, it concludes, "The OWS Clinic has already started on its next case."

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