President Obama broke with protocol and left behind the press. Via the pool report:

Travel pool was separated for about 20 minutes from the motorcade en route to the next stop at a private residence. This separation resulted in a high speed, wild goose chase weaving through the streets of San Antonio. Led by a police escort, your pool was led up wrong way streets, driving on the shoulder of highways, and so on. Finally, after cars were literally pushed off the highway by the police escort and the three White House pool vans, we had interstate 10 ourselves at a speed of about 85 miles per hour. (Needless to add, it was a crazy ride.)

But the pool was finally able to catch up with the motorcade about 20 minutes into the ride.

We originally began rolling at 1:26pm (local time). Arrived at the private residence in The Dominion Country Club, a gated community at 1:53 pm. As we drove through the community, with its hilly backdrop, several residents lined the streets to snap photos of the motorcade including some small children in bathing suits.

Pool now holding and catching our breath.

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