Edward Snowden, one of many thousands of people holding very high security clearances, stole the family jewels in what was, arguably, the greatest security breach in American history. And the reaction of the agency that he violated? The usual Washington shrug. Stuff, you know, happens. As Reuters reports:

The deputy director of the U.S. National Security Agency said on Wednesday that no one had been fired and no one had offered to resign over former security contractor Edward Snowden's ability to take large amounts of classified data from agency computers.

Well, you wouldn't want to jump to conclusions, go off half-cocked, or act impulsively. So, Mr. High Official continued

"No one has offered to resign. Everyone is working hard to understand what happened."

Take your time. After all, there is nothing left to steal.

PS: And now it seems, according to Emily Heil at the Washington Post, we can assign blame in the Snowden matter. His father says the Sequester done it. Is there anything it can't do?

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