Roll Call reports Linda McMahon may be preparing to take on Joe Lieberman in 2012:

The former wrestling executive turned Connecticut GOP Senate candidate has scheduled a personal meeting with National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn (Texas) on Capitol Hill.

The date and purpose of the meeting, however, is unclear.

“I don’t know what her message is going to be, but I sort of suspect she isn’t finished,” Cornyn said in a recent Roll Call interview when asked about McMahon, who garnered 43 percent of the vote in Connecticut’s recent Senate contest against Democratic Sen.-elect Richard Blumenthal.

The obvious question for McMahon: if she couldn't get close in a year when Republicans were more energized than Democrats, how will she win in a year when Obama's at the top of the ticket? One possible rebuttal: 40% may be good enough to win in a three-way race with a Democrat and Lieberman (assuming he runs and runs as an independent).

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