A Louisiana high school is in "chaos" after 57 teachers skipped school to protest the governor in Baton Rouge. The problem is that there were not enough substitute teachers to replace those who decided to protest the Republican governor, Bobby Jindal.

"Operations at Lafayette High School were thrown into 'chaos' on Wednesday after 57 teachers were absent, said Lafayette Parish Superintendent Pat Cooper," reports theadvertiser.com.

"Cooper said the majority of those teachers attended a rally of educators at the state capitol in Baton Rouge.

"The school was only able to get 25 substitute teachers, Cooper said, meaning that some students were not able to have class as usual."

The superintendent tells the local paper the day was "ruined."

“It ruined an instructional day. They were also doing end-of-course testing and that had to be postponed until tomorrow,” he said, according to the paper. “The folks at Lafayette High left us high and dry. I put it at the foot of the LAE leadership. They didn’t coordinate it and didn’t think about the repercussions. It just caused chaos, a wasted day.”

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