One day before the Indiana primary, Dick Lugar has released a new ad accusing his opponent, Richard Mourdock, of wanting to "cut every single senior's Social Security." (Update: The ad was apparently released late last week.) The ad portrays an elderly woman talking about Mourdock's Social Security plan. "He's going to ruin people. Some can't get along without Social Security, every penny of it," the woman says. "Heaven help us, because Mourdock won't." Watch the ad below:

According to Mourdock's website, he supports the "Ryan plan" in order to keep Social Security (and Medicare) solvent "to ensure that we keep our commitment to those currently receiving benefits as well as those nearing retirement."

In 2011, Lugar was one of 40 senators to vote for the House budget, authored by Paul Ryan. It's unclear how that budget differs on Social Security from the plan Mourdock says he supports.

Update: Mourdock spokesman Chris Conner emails the following response: "Scaring senior citizens to garner votes is directly out of the Democratic playbook and [it is] sad that Dick Lugar has reached such a desperate action. Mourdock has stated repeatedly that anyone currently 55 or older would not see any change in their benefits."

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