The state of Oregon set up its own exchange to provide people with health care insurance that would not be “substandard.” And it has delivered … sort of. No “substandard” coverage has been sold on the site. Which is a good thing. But, then, no coverage at all has been sold over the site, either. So that would count as not such a good thing.

As Jonathan Kaminsky of Reuters reports:

Oregon's online exchange has remained inaccessible to the public, requiring the state to sign up applicants the old-fashioned way, using paper forms. This has made comparison shopping more difficult for consumers and severely slowed the enrollment process.

One of the prime supporters of Obamacare’s exchange machinery says he is “surprised and frustrated” by the system’s failure and one wonders if he can imagine how some of the people it was supposed to service must feel. Still, he is “hopeful” that the problems "will be resolved within the next month or two.”

Making it good enough for government work.

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