In Carmel, Indiana over the weekend, a supporter of congressional candidate Susan Brooks was caught on video tape stealing campaign signs of opponent David McIntosh:

"It appears that former U.S. Attorney Susan Brooks has resorted to the type of gutter politics that one sees too often in Washington – and which everyone is getting sick of," McIntosh's campaign manager writes in an email, providing a link to this video:

McIntosh's campaign manager adds:

"The video includes footage of the Brooks supporters’ black Range Rover filled with McIntosh signs in the back seat. When confronted, he tries to say the signs are misplaced on public property but ultimately says 'it's political.'

"At every turn, Susan Brooks has resorted to negative attacks. She’s filling up Hoosiers’ mailboxes with flyers containing fabricated and misleading claims about McIntosh. And now her supporters are resorting to the kinds of tactics that you expect to see in places like Chicago and Washington, DC.

"Susan Brooks says she wants to clean up Washington. Really? Using tactics like this. She can start by cleaning up her own campaign.

Both McIntosh and Brooks are Republicans, vying for the party's nomination to run to represent Indiana's Fifth Congressional District.

Additionally, McIntosh blasted Brooks and the third Republican candidate in the race, John McGoff, for tacitly accepting union support.

"The pro-union Communications Workers of America PAC (CWA) is calling 5th district Democrats and Republicans and telling them to vote against David McIntosh," the McIntosh campaign writes in an email. "The implications are clear: David McIntosh is the candidate the unions fear most. These thuggish tactics by the unions are well-known. They will do anything to get their preferred candidates in office. It appears that those candidates in Indiana’s 5th district are Susan Brooks and John McGoff, whose support for the TARP bailout of the auto companies is well-known. McIntosh has called today on Susan Brooks and John McGoff to denounce any and all left-wing groups advocating on their behalf."

The Indiana primary is today.

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