A Utah man signed himself and his adult children up for a dental plan through Obamacare, but was unknowingly enrolled in a worthless child's plan:

"Imagine signing up and paying for health insurance and then being told you can't use it," say the local anchors. "that's the situation facing an Ogden man."

Says the reporter, "This is one of those medical insurance nightmares that all starts with a guy who was simply trying to sign up for health insurance through the federal health care exchange. More specifically, he wanted a dental plan. He got it, and he's been paying on for several months. But now that it's time to use that plan, he's being told it's worthless."

But when they went to use that plan, the man's adult children were told it was worthless. "It was was pediatric dental not adult dental," says the man.

"That's right," says the reporter, "a dental plan for children. Well, they don't need that. So, Scott says he asked [the health care plan] to cancel the policy. Thus began the run around. Select Health says he has to cancel through the marketplace where he signed up. But the marketplace told him, we can't help you reslove this issue."

Says the Utah man, "I'm paying a monthly premium for dental coverage that I cannot use."

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