Actor and comedian Martin Short retells the story of mistaking the president's closest political adviser, David Axelrod, for actor Richard Kind:

"I went up to Richard Kind--the brilliant Richard Kind, hilarious--and I had seen him before and we'd given each other hugs and we'd talked," Short says to host Kelly Ripa on LIVE! With Kelly. "But then at the after party, which was at the French Embassy ... very fancy, I go up to Richard Kind, and I see him talking to George Clooney and all those people. And I go up behind Richard Kind, and I go, 'Richard, papa's gained a little weight.' And [he] turns around and it's not Richard Kind ... it's David Axelrod."

Short continues: "And I'd never met him, and there's nothing else you can see because you've already called him fat. But he was very, very nice considering..."

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