Boston Herald columnist Michael Graham has a column today, noting that Bay State taxpayers are funding some awfully questionable sex education programs:

What kind of person pays for a Web site that makes abortion seem cool? Who would use the Internet to target teen girls with the message that abortions are “easy,” “common” and no big deal? What sicko would spend money showing underage girls how to secretly get an abortion behind their parents’ backs?

That “sicko” would be you.

As the Herald reported yesterday, the Patrick administration is using your money to promote abortion. Not merely to educate or inform, but to push the abortion “choice” itself — in particular, abortions without parental knowledge or consent.

This taxpayer-funded Web site is And boy, does “Maria” love to talk. About sex. Maria talks to girls in ways that have gotten Pittsburgh Steeler Ben Roethlisberger in trouble with the law.

After looking at the website, I was a bit taken aback. This is from the section of the site on abortion:

Ok, I totally know that this information can sound pretty intimidating and overwhelming, but I promise you the reality of getting an abortion is much easier than it sounds here. It may be really hard for you to imagine talking to either your parents or a judge about getting an abortion, but there are people who can help you through it.

If a woman is under age 18, has never been married and decides she wants to have an abortion, Massachusetts law requires both her consent, and either (1) the consent of one parent or legal guardian, or (2) authorization by a judge.

Again, I know it sounds crazy, but just keep reading . . . this really can be done and young women do this all the time here in Massachusetts. ...

If you are under 18 and have decided that abortion is right for you, you can call the Planned Parenthood Counseling and Referral Hotline at 1-800-258-4448 (option 3). They can either help you talk to your parents, or if you decide that you can’t or don’t want to do that, they will provide you with a free lawyer who will help you go to court and talk to a judge. These hearings are scheduled quickly, are kept completely confidential and so far, no minor who’s gone through this process has ever been denied access to an abortion by a judge.

So if you're a teenager who's preganant and doesn't know what to do, not talking to your parents is, like, totally cool. Your state government will put you in touch with Planned Parenthood and make sure you get a friendly judge to subvert the intent of parental notification laws.

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