The Electric Frontier Foundation (EFF) has succesfully acquired thousands of pages of documents from the Federal Aviation Administration on the use of drones in America. The documents include "extensive details about the specific drone models some entities are flying, where they fly, how frequently they fly, and how long they stay in the air," according to EFF.

The information was released in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

The documents the foundation acquired relate mainly to safety issues and are from 18 entities across the country: the city of Herrington (Kansas), Cornell University, Department of Energy Idaho National Labratory, Eastern Gateway Community College-Steubenvill, Miami-Dade Police Department, Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, North Little Rock Politice Department (Arkansas), Ogden Police Department (Utah), Ohio University, Seattle Police Department, Texas A&M, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas State University, University of Connecticut, University of Florida, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Utah State University, and Virginia Tech.

The foundation has put the files online, hoping folks will "download the files and find out more about the drones flying near you."

"For every entity, the files include the actual Certificate of Authorization (COA) application information submitted to the FAA (for each entity, that file is called "COA.xls"), and many other supporting records. The files go back several years and include COAs for every year that the entity has had drones. For some entities this is as early as 2004," says EFF about the files.

Here are links to the Zip files, as provided by EFF:

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