In a joint statement, Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman, who are currently in Amman, Jordan, issued a press weigh in on the recent events in Libya. “We are appalled by what appear to be crimes against humanity occurring in Libya,” McCain and Lieberman say. “The Qaddafi regime's ongoing slaughter and oppression is deplorable and must end.”

The senators urge the “community of responsible nations” to “now take concrete steps to support the Libyan people as they seek their liberation from a brutal dictatorship.”

Ever so slightly, McCain and Lieberman urge President Obama to take action: “There is an array of measures that the United States and our global partners, including the European Union and African Union, should immediately pursue.”

They end, however, on an optimistic note: "In recent weeks we have witnessed revolutions that have opened the door to freedom and democracy in Tunisia and Egypt. We hope and believe the Libyan people will have the same opportunity."

Full statement here.

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