Senator John McCain gave backhanded praise to opponents of the immigration bill yesterday.

“We’re not winning this fight,” McCain, a proponent of the immigration bill, reportedly told Virginia-based trade publication Politico. “They are mounting a better campaign than we are — the opposition is.”

The month of August, Politico reports, is the most important month for this bill:

The White House and its immigration reform allies are banking on the August recess as their next — and possibly last — major opportunity to compel House Republicans to act.

With the issue stalled in the House, the monthlong congressional break is the linchpin of a campaign that President Barack Obama, Senate immigration leaders and a broad coalition of groups now expect they’ll have to wage through the end of the year. They realize they must make progress in the next month to stand any chance of keeping the issue alive into the fall. ...

Some advocates are planning for a confrontational August, with a surge in protests aimed at Republican leaders and lawmakers from swing districts. Others will do what they’ve long done, sending pastors, police officers and business owners to make the conservative case for reform at town hall meetings. Working off a target list of more than 100 Republicans, all are aiming to convince the House that it has no option but to deal with immigration.

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