Politico reports that Virginia governor Bob McDonnell would be "very interested" in the Republican vice presidential slot:

With solid poll ratings as a swing state governor, McDonnell is already drawing attention as a possible GOP vice-presidential prospect in 2012. And in an extended interview in his office here, the Virginia governor expressed interest in the number two spot on the national ticket.

“I’d be very interested. It is a swing state. I’m not asking for the call. I’m not looking for the call. As I’ve said many times, I’ve got the best job in America,” he told POLITICO. “But I think anybody who is in public life, if a presidential nominee called him and said ‘I need your help to win,’ it would be a tremendous honor…We’ll see. It’s going to be seven, eight, nine months before any of these decisions are made.”

It's early still, of course, but it's likely that Tim Pawlenty, who recently exited the race after a disappointing third place finish at the Ames straw poll, would also be interested in being offered the vice presidential spot on the Republican ticket..

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