The Bipartisan Policy Center has released a new report on "Iran’s continued progress towards nuclear weapons capability." It's titled, "Meeting the Challenge: Stopping the Clock." Here's what it's about:

Despite perceived setbacks, including the Stuxnet cyber attack and the bite of increased sanctions, the danger of a nuclear Iran has not diminished.

In this report we examine Iran’s rapid nuclear progress and its implications for U.S. economic and strategic interests, explain why containment will not work, and propose ways for the United States to prevent a nuclear Iran. After deliberations with a new, expanded task force, we have arrived at a bipartisan, fact-driven consensus that largely echoes our past reports: the best chance for successfully meeting the Iranian nuclear challenge is a robust and comprehensive triple-track strategy, involving the simultaneous pursuit of diplomacy; sanctions; and visible, credible preparations for a military option.

Whole thing here.

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