Former Texas railroad commissioner Michael Williams officially announced this morning that he's leaving the crowded Republican Senate primary in order to run for one of Texas's new congressional seats:

For several months now, I had the honor of running a campaign for the United States Senate. We have had many successes, despite a growing field of good Republican candidates.

But as I told my friends at the Tarrant County Republican Party Ronald Reagan Dinner on Friday night, I have recently decided to transition our campaign to a race for U.S. Congress.

Donna and I have lived in Arlington, Texas for nearly twenty years since returning home from Washington after working for Presidents Reagan and Bush. Our home has been drawn into one of the four new congressional districts, CD33. The district is anchored by Arlington and includes Parker County, and parts of Wise and Tarrant counties. My parents live here as does Donna’s mother. We love Arlington and are proud to call it home. And I hope to have the opportunity to represent my family and neighbors in Congress.

In the Senate primary, conservative have been rallying behind Ted Cruz. George Will calls him "a candidate as good as it gets."
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