First Lady Michelle Obama delivered a message to Democrats supporting Massachusetts Senate candidate Ed Markey: “Keep writing those checks. And if you haven’t maxed out, max out!” She made the remarks at a Boston hotel earlier today.

Via the pool report:

The crux of her speech: exhorting the crowd and other Democrats in Massachusetts to not tune out, but stay focused on this special election and to elect Ed Markey, who, she said, will help keep moving the President’s agenda forward.

“My husband can’t do it alone,” Obama said. “He absolutely needs folks like Ed Markey in the Senate to make it happen. So here in the State of Massachusetts, we need you do everything you can over these next four weeks to get Ed Markey elected.”

“And it’s all on you,” Obama said. The crowd laughed.

“No one else can make this happen but you,” she said.

“Keep writing those checks. And if you haven’t maxed out, max out!” Obama said.

FLOTUS also noted the need for grassroots organizing.

“We must summon the passion and energy that got our friend Elizabeth Warren elected,” she said. “We need to summon the same passion and energy that got Barack Obama elected.”

“Listen to this Massachusetts: you simply cannot elect Barack Obama by a landslide and lose this Senate seat!” she said. The audience applauded loudly.

“Remember all of those times when I’ve asked you to have my husband’s back. This is one of those back-having times, right now,” Obama said.

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