First Lady Michelle Obama wished her husband a happy 20th anniversary earlier today on the campaign trail, just hours before her husband squares off against Mitt Romney in the first presidential debate. Their wedding anniversary is today, October 3.

"I have not seen my husband today because he’s busy getting ready for tonight. I’m about to fly to see him," said Michelle Obama at the University of Nevada in Reno. "This is from me to you, honey: Happy 20th anniversary."

Obama then went on to talk about when she met Barack Obama and how they fell in love.

"So let me tell you something about when we first met. Let me share a few things. See, back when I first met Barack, he definitely had everything going for him," said the first lady. "Okay, ladies? (Laughter.) He was handsome, and still is. Twenty-three years later he’s still gorgeous. He was -- what? I take care of him very well. Yes, I do. I do my best. I do my best. He was charming, talented and very smart. But that is not why I married him."

Now, this is where I want the fellas to pay attention. (Laughter.) What truly made me fall in love with Barack Obama, it was his character. All right, you hear this, fellas? His character. (Laughter.) Yes, I see you because you’re taller than everybody else. Character. (Applause.) It was his decency. It was his honesty. It was his compassion and conviction.

Michelle Obama also made a special anniversary plea to her husband's supporters:

"So here are your marching orders, directly from the First Lady," she said. "If you want to give me a nice anniversary present -- (laughter) -- here is something you can do: From now until November, we are going to need every single one of you to work like you’ve never worked before, truly. Thirty-four days -- that’s how much time we have left, and that is not a long time in any campaign. It is time to get started. So we’ve got to turn all this energy into action. We’ve got to work till the very end. Take nothing for granted."

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