Mike Lee, perhaps the United States Senate’s leading voice for a conservative reform agenda, has now endorsed Ben Sasse in Nebraska’s Senate race. Lee declared, “Nebraskans need Ben Sasse to represent their values, reformers in the Senate need his conservative vote, our country needs his voice.” Lee added that Sasse is “a strong constitutional conservative who understands the proper role of government” and who “also recognizes that we must run and win on the power of our positive ideas.”

Sasse, a fifth-generation Nebraskan and one of the nation’s youngest college presidents (of Midland University), has made his opposition to Obamacare the centerpiece of his campaign. He has been highly critical of President Obama’s lawless refusal to executive Obamacare as written, in plain violation of the constitutional separation of powers. And he has expressed his opposition not only to Obamacare but also to the entire Obamacare worldview:

“I am opposed to Obamacare not just because it was passed by a dishonest legislative gimmick; not just because it puts bureaucrats between patients and doctors; not just because it infringes on religious liberty and forces people of conscience to pay for abortion; not just because its information technology systems won’t work, and will likely lead to massive data leaks of Americans’ confidential financial and health data; and not just because its budget projections were built on Ponzi schemes, and because its actual costs will dwarf all estimates from the time of its legislative debate….

“I am also against it for a much more basic reason: I oppose Obamacare because I reject the worldview underlying it.”

Sasse has also been endorsed by Paul Ryan, Tom Coburn, the Senate Conservatives Fund, the Club for Growth, the Family Research Council, and Gun Owners of America.

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