Over at the Washington Post for his guestblogging stint this week, THE WEEKLY STANDARD's Matt Continetti called up GOP campaign operative Mike Murphy and asked him to handicap the presidential candidates. The results are entertaining to say the least:

Mitt Romney: “Weak front-runner. But as others drop out, he becomes a stronger front-runner. His problems are all real, but he may be a little over-underrated, if you know what I mean. He may not be as vulnerable as the conventional wisdom thinks.” ...

Sarah Palin: “As the chairwoman of the board, probably doesn’t run. But who knows? Her bubble is very self-reinforcing. She reminds me of when you could go over to any good restaurant in Paris in the 1920s and find five guys who thought they were the czar of Russia. I wouldn’t be surprised if she runs, but my guess is she doesn’t. The worst thing for Palin would be to go and get beaten by Bachmann in Iowa.” ...

Rick Santorum: “Who? Double-A baseball.”

For more thoughts on all the candidates, be sure and head on over to the Washington Post. Though I will note one of Murphy's parting shot:

Paul Ryan: “I think he could edge out General Petraeus in the Weekly Standard editorial board straw poll, which Politico will cover in depth.”

Ooh, SNAP.

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