Dana Milbank objects to some cognitive dissonance on behalf of his employer:

On Thursday, the Washington Post editorializes that Donald Trump has been campaigning on “bogus” issues and that he should “cease and desist.” An article in the news pages the same day reports that the great orange charlatan’s “simply wild speculation” has “almost no basis in fact.”

Then, on Saturday night, Post reporters and editors, in black-tie finest, go to the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner to host their invited guests, including. . . Donald Trump.

Hmm. It seems like it was just days ago that Milbank was telling us that this kind of behavior could be excused by "integrative complexity."

Joking aside, Milbank's column on D.C.'s celebrity infatuation at events like the White House Correspondents Dinner is worth the read and pretty much on target.

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