The Washington Examiner reports that Virginia congressman Jim Moran (VA-8) was videotaped speaking at an October 6th meeting of the Arlington County Democratic Committee, saying: "What [Republicans] do is find candidates, usually stealth candidates, that haven't been in office, haven't served or performed in any kind of public service. My opponent is typical, frankly."

But as the Examiner points out, Moran's opponent "happens to be Col. Patrick Murray (US Army-Ret.), who served 24 years in uniform, was deployed to four different combat zones, including Baghdad, as part of the 2007 troop surge under Gen. David Petraeus, and was even shot at by foreign combatants."

Jim Moran is well known to be an arrogant, unpleasant, and self-important man. He's been protected from paying any price for his defects of character by having a safely Democratic Northern Virginia seat, one that's heavily populated by federal government workers and others friendly to big government. But for many decent liberals, this comment could be the straw that breaks the back of their willingness to continue voting for Moran.

If Moran's constituents learn about his remarks.

If donors step up, and if GOP leaders and committees and independent groups come forward to support the troops and do a good deed for the country--and if there are therefore resources for TV, radio and mail making Moran's slander as infamous as it deserves to be--then we can look forward to lifting a glass to our troops as we bid farewell on Nov. 2 to Jim Moran.

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