A Missouri school district faces a $150,000 bill for Obamacare, according to a report on KMIZ-MO:

"The Affordable Care Act could cost the Jefferson City public schools more than a $150,000," said the news anchor.

"This came to light at last night's board meeting when district officials told board members they would have to pay health insurance for substitute teachers," says the other anchor.

"They knew it was coming, they just didn't exactly know how they were going to handle it. As small business around the nation have seen it coming, and they've been wondering how they will accommodate the Affordable Care Act. Just like them, the district is also asking that question. The district could limit subtitutes to 28 hours per week, or face paying six thousand dollars per person for health benefits for at least 25 individuals who are on the rolls and qualify. If they don't comply with the new federal law, the district would be fined millions of dollars by the federal government. While district officials didn't go as far as saying the federal government is hurting more than helping, I was told the $150,000 dollar cost is about the same cost as three teachers in the district, to put it into perspective," the reporter explains.

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