This video of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been making its way around the blogosphere. In the clip, Romney listens to a question from a voter in New Hampshire about the balanced budget amendment, and after a bit of an exchange, Romney gets visibly annoyed, particularly when the woman interrupts his answer, and responds:

Christian Heinze says Romney's performance here is a failed emulation of New Jersey governor Chris Christie. "[W]hen Mitt tries to have a Chris Christie moment, it clashes with his essential persona -- the calm, collected business executive," Heinze writes. "It's also less believable, because argument implies disagreement, and Romney's faced with the perception that he just changes beliefs to earn agreement from voters. Thus, the spectacle of his sparring is doubly jarring." At Hot Air, Allahpundit calls this the "new, angrier, alpha Mitt" and predicts Romney will go on the attack against Rick Perry early in the next debate. As the video shows, the crowd in New Hampshire applauds his forceful answer, so perhaps voters will respond positively to a more "human-like" Romney.

It's worth noting that this isn't the first we've seen of an animated Mitt Romney. In Iowa two weeks ago, Romney showed some personality dealing with liberal activists interrupting a campaign event. Could this turn be a part of the "new phase" of the Romney campaign?

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