Mitt Romney, trying to convince Michigan voters that he's the best man for the job:

"A little history," Romney says. "I was born and raised here. I love this state. It seems right here. The trees are the right height. I like seeing the lakes. I love the lakes. There's something very special here--the great lakes, but also all the little inland lakes that dot the parts of Michigan. I love cars. I don't know, I mean, I grew up totally in love with cars. It used to be in the '50s and '60s if you showed me one square foot of almost any part of a car, I could tell what brand it was, and model, and so forth. Now, with all the Japanese cars, I'm not quite so good at it, but I still know the American cars pretty well and drive a Mustang. I love cars. I love American cars. And long may they rule the world, let me tell you."

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