From an undisclosed location in North Tampa

For reasons of both security and propriety, the authorities have advised that it would be imprudent to disclose the location of WEEKLY STANDARD world headquarters in Tampa. Suffice it to say that we share fashionable lodgings with our friends from National Review, and that all together enjoyed last night's lengthy, high-level seminar in the lobby bar (a bring-your-own-bar type of lobby bar) on Oakeshott, Hayek, and their relevance to the 2012 GOP convention proceedings. Beyond that, THE SCRAPBOOK can say little, since it adheres to the maxim that what happens at 2:00 am in Tampa stays in Tampa—much to the benefit of several young TWS and NR staffers with promising careers ahead of them...

Today, intrepid TWS reporters have dispersed to sites in Tampa and St. Pete to hear regurgitations of the convention talking points from various talkers. Today's inspiring theme: “We Can Do Better.” We could have done worse with Isaac (is it a good or a bad sign for the culture that storms are now named after Biblical patriarchs?), as the storm passes by to the west, leaving us here with a day mostly cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Actually, a certainty of meatballs—it's a political convention, after all.

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