In a season when we all become bracketologists, here is an interesting variation that uses the form to conduct a playoff in which the school that costs more to attend wins and moves on to the next round against another institution of absurdly high priced learning. Another elimination and the price, again, goes up. Parents of college-aged children will quickly get it.

One studies the brackets and finds much that is unexceptional and very much expected ... i.e. Duke, famous for basketball, Coach K., and railroading lacrosse players, is an expensive experience in elitism. Also most state schools look like bargains compared to some of the more prestigious private schools. Does Notre Dame deliver five times the educational firepower of Indiana? Really.

There are surprises, too. Some schools charge in the vicinity of 5K to educate and civilize a teenager. There is one that will actually do the job for less than 3K. Also, while Harvard makes it deep into the tournament, it is not in the final four.

But the winner is ... Bucknell, at a cost of $45,132 for tuition alone per year.

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