A Monmouth poll from two weeks ago showed O'Donnell trailing Coons, 38% to 57%. But a new Monmouth poll, released today, shows Christine O'Donnell trailing Chris Coons by just 10 points, 41% to 51%. The poll finds that O'Donnell is now in the lead with independent voters--47% to 42%. Democrats are supporting Coons by an 85% to 10% margin, while Republicans are supporting O'Donnell by only a 71% to 19% margin--perhaps not the most surprising result for a state where a quarter of Republicans voted for Obama in 2008. The new poll is in line with a Rasmussen poll from mid-October that showed O'Donnell down by 11 points.

The Monmouth poll finds a huge gender gap as well, with O'Donnell winning male voters 48% to 43%, but losing female voters 57% to 34%. A gossip website launched a vile attack on O'Donnell yesterday. But perhaps the smear will backfire and make Delaware surprisingly competitive.

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