Cable television talking head Lawrence O’Donnell, of MSNBC, went on a gutsy tirade last night, blasting his employer's parent company for creating "a monster."

“NBC can no longer avoid conflict with Mr. Trump,” O’Donnell apparently said on his show last night, according to Politico. “NBC has a conflict with Mr. Trump. NBC has created a monster who is using his NBC fame to spew hatred, reeking with racist overtones and undertones about the president of the United States. NBC can no longer stand idly by, not for one more day. The NBC entertainment division could not possibly have created a worse conflict with the NBC News division. The NBC entertainment division is now in possession of news that the NBC News division would [like to have]. An NBC paid performer, the most deranged egomaniac in the history of NBC entertainment division has spewed lies to the point where he provoked this.”

It was gutsy not because O’Donnell himself works for a subsidiary of NBC, MSNBC, but because the talking head himself is part of the problem he describes.

In an appearance on February 12, 2010 on the MSNBC show Morning Joe, O’Donnell revealed himself to be a 9/11 Truther, suggesting that the terrorists attacks were all part of an inside plan and that George W. Bush (and his staff) were somehow directly responsible.

“Isn’t it true that the president you worked for invited the first attack?” O’Donnell incredulously asked Marc Thiessen, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush.“You said ‘we didn’t know who hit us.’ You were told who was going to hit you before we were hit on 9/11. And your administration invited the first attack for which you should live in shame.”

In other words, O’Donnell seemed to be implying, Thiessen was part of a government conspiracy to cover up the Bush administration’s responsibility for 9/11.

If NBC has a problem with monsters, it might first start looking at not just its employees but the hosts on its subsidiary, MSNBC.

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