Even the monthly Kaiser Health Tracking poll, an outlier poll that has consistently shown far greater support for Obamacare than one could glean from almost anywhere else – for example, the Kaiser poll in July maintained that only 35 percent of Americans opposed Obamacare – is now showing big trouble looming for the Democrats. While continuing to insist that Americans are "evenly divided between support for and opposition to the new law," Kaiser's October poll shows that, among those who say that they are "absolutely certain" to vote, Obamacare is a clear loser: 49 percent oppose it, while only 39 percent support it. The poll also shows that (among registered voters) independents are nearly twice as likely to be "angry" as "enthusiastic" about Obamacare (33 to 17 percent). It shows a 20-point gap (52 to 32 percent) between the number of seniors who have an "unfavorable" opinion of Obamacare and the number who have a "favorable" one (so seniors are breaking with Andy Griffith). And it shows that far more seniors than non-seniors say that Obamacare will be "extremely important" in determining which way they'll vote.

Complementing this, the new Rasmussen poll of likely voters shows strong support for repeal. Rasmussen shows that Americans favor repeal by a margin of 15 points (55 to 40 percent), independents favor repeal by 18 points (57 to 39 percent), and seniors favor repeal by 24 points (59 to 35 percent).

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