Adam J. White, inspired by the boss's baseball post, takes a break from perusing Supreme Court opinions and reflecting on the greatness of Justice Alito, to write:

While you're thinking about baseball, don't miss three great new(ish) articles about the joys of minor league baseball, all odes to perseverance:

• First, at the terrific "Sports on Earth" web site, there's a great essay on the independent Atlantic League, where more than a few major leaguers (and longtime minor leaguers) try to rescue their careers.

• Second, at Grantland, there's a profile of Mike Cervenak, now in his 15th season in the minors.

• Finally, the Miami New Times -- last seen blowing the lid off the Biogenesis scandal -- features an ode to the modern renaissance in minor league baseball.

Another great reminder that, for all of the joys to be found at Nationals Park, there's a lot to be found down at Pfitzner Stadium in Woodbridge, too. And just wait until next year, when the independent Atlantic League finally comes to Loudon County, too!

Independent baseball in rural Virginia -- if that's not at the heart of "Independence Day," then I don't know what is.

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