Andrew Ferguson's latest book, Crazy U: One Dad's Crash Course in Getting His Kid Into College , was reviewed in the Boston Globe:

Oh, the horror, the utter horror, of it all. The preparations for the SATs. The mind-numbing campus tours. The fraught conversations with the school college counselor. The essays. The decisions, some in our control, some not: Where to apply? Early decision or not? Accepted or rejected?

All that horror came roaring back in the pages of “Crazy U,’’ Andrew Ferguson’s new volume about the madness of college admissions.

But as much as Ferguson’s book is about the process of getting in, it’s really about the process of letting go. As a twice-decorated veteran of the college-admission wars, I am here to testify that as hard as the former is, the latter is far more difficult.

Ferguson appeared on Dylan Ratigan's show:

And Ferguson talked with Southern California Public Radio about Crazy U.

Copies of Crazy U are available on

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