As PBS reports, the last 24 hours has seen the "floodgates open" with calls for Veterans Affairs secretary Eric Shinseki to resign. Five Democratic senators--Mark Udall of Colorado, Al Franken of Minnesota, John Walsh of Montana, Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, and Kay Hagan of North Carolina--are now calling for Shinseki to resign over mismanagement at VA hospitals across the country. Here's more from PBS:

All five are running for re-election this fall, with Udall, Hagan and Walsh facing tough contests. Democratic Reps. Bruce Braley of Iowa, Scott Peters of California and Ron Barber of Arizona also called on Shinseki to resign. Braley is running for the Senate, while Peters and Barber have difficult re-election races on their hands.

Democrats in the House have been calling for Shinseki to step down since last week, and CNN's John King reported that privately, Democrats were calling President Barack Obama "detached," "flat-footed" and "incompetent" in his tepid reaction to the VA scandal.

The most recent Democratic outrage at Shinseki's leadership comes after the release of a devastating report from the inspector general at the VA about the state of the department's management. The White House reportedly called the report "extremely troubling," but Obama has not said he will ask Shinseki to step down.

Update: The Washington Post's Ed O'Keefe reports Virginia Democrat Mark Warner (also up for reelection) says Shinseki should resign:

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