Indiana congressman Mike Pence, a stalwart conservative and former chairman of the Republican Study Committee, announced today that he will vote for the Boehner bill. Pence is joined by freshman Hoosier Marlin Stutzman, who thanked the Tea Party for pushing the country to cut more.

Here are Stutzman's remarks delivered on the House floor:

I come to the floor today to thank every vocal constituent and American for pushing us up to this point today when we will of consider a tax free and sensible budget control plan in exchange for raising our nation’s debt ceiling.

Is it perfect? Far from it. Will I vote for it today? Yes. The alternatives are too scary to comprehend.

No matter how many times you try to put them down or call them names, the Tea Party Movement and many others that share their views, have had a monumental impact on the debt ceiling debate.

Know this: if left to our own devices, Washington would have completed just another “perfunctory” raising of the debt ceiling or worse—more taxes and more spending.

Call them Hobbits, call them what you like. I call the Tea Party and others who wish to fight to get this country on a proper fiscal trajectory, true Patriots. The reality here on “earth”, Mr. Speaker, is that America is a great nation and we wish to remain that way.

Also, Walter Jones of North Carolina, a libertarian who voted against the Ryan budget because it didn't go far enough, is a "yes" on the Boehner plan.

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