In addition to the rememberances posted here Friday afternoon, several more items have been published on political science professor James Q. Wilson:

The Wall Street Journal: "James Q. Wilson: An empiricist with a moral sense—and he could write too."

Harvey Mansfield: "A Truly American Scholar: James Q. Wilson was able to make students enthusiastic over prudence, while other teachers gained applause only with displays of liberalism or extremism."

Arthur C. Brooks: "Social Science With a Soul: Life for James Q. Wilson was like a roadside curio shop, full of hidden and unrecognized intellectual treasures."

New York Times: "James Q. Wilson Dies at 80; Originated ‘Broken Windows’ Policing Strategy."

Michael Barone: "A Happy American Life."

"James Q. Wilson in His Own Words: Excerpts from the late social scientist's op-eds in The Wall Street Journal.

And, of course, the boss's piece is here, and Harvey Mansfield's TWS piece is here.

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