An historian friend of TWS reacts to the Dana Milbank screed in the Washington Post against critics of Chuck Hagel:

Military service in and of itself does not convey an absence of prejudice. Besides it is certainly not his service we disparage--we respect it. It is his lack of appreciation for what Israelis endure each day or the reason this tiny state came into being and refuses to die in order to win praise from the chattering classes.

And a man who confuses a great religion with a lobbying organization that enjoys the support of the vast majority of non-Jews is unfit to serve as Secretary of Defense. Nor is a man who disparages the loyalties of 99 other Senators.

Only God knows what really was in the hearts of Joe Kennedy and Charles Lindbergh. We have their words and know how they used their prominence to undermine American security interests. History also records that a visionary

President named Franklin Roosevelt kept them at arms length away from power. There is an opportunity here for Obama to follow that wise example. This is a test of his character and sensibilities as much as it is about Hagel's.

As for Milbank, he should read his own paper's editorials.

Also, the Washington Free Beacon corrects a mistake in Milbank's copy.

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