In response to last night’s Ryan-Rubio/Rubio-Ryan post, a reader sends in an image of this bumper sticker, already available at

With the movement gaining momentum, this morning on Fox News Sunday, the boss defended his “fantasy” ticket (which we'll link when video is available), and then on the Internet section of the show, the Ryan/Rubio discussion continued amusingly and informatively. Watch here:

And another reader writes in with an interesting observation: “Just as Ryan showed his mettle debating Obama several times (as Kristol points out in the editorial), Rubio showed he’s ready for the national stage Saturday. What was most impressive about his performance on the Senate floor wasn’t simply the speech. It was his exchange with John Kerry, where Kerry clearly intended to take the young Rubio to school, and Rubio handled him with ease--politely but firmly. So Ryan has successfully taken on the current president, and Rubio the 2004 Democratic nominee. Why not the two of them in 2012? Why not the best?”

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