Andrea Peyser's column in today's New York Post exposes the anti-Semitism problem at Occupy Wall Street:

From the teacher who vowed to run “Zionists Jews who run these big banks” out of the country to the dude who mocked and danced in the face of a yarmulke-topped “bum,” Occupy Wall Street must no longer deny it.

The movement has a serious Jewish problem.

But organizers are desperate to maintain that acts of bigotry are isolated, carried out by a small cadre of hoodlums who don’t represent the movement. Some have even suggested vocal Jew-haters are “plants” sent by folks who want to take Occupy down....

In tough economic times, scapegoating is hot. The anti-Semitic libel that says Jewish bankers control the world’s purse strings has found a loving home.

Peyser credits the Emergency Committee for Israel for highlighting the anti-Semitism problem rampant at these protests: "It took the Emergency Committee for Israel, whose board includes conservative Weekly Standard editor William Kristol and President Ronald Reagan adviser Gary Bauer, to sound the alarm. The group put out a video calling on Occupy-friendly President Obama and Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi to condemn anti-Semitism. 'Hate is not an American value,' the video concluded. No reply."

Yet no Democratic politician who has embraced these protests (and there are many!) has singled out the anti-Semitic elements and condemned them.

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