Darren Samuelsohn of Politico rhapsodizes over the utter wonderfulness of Al Gore who is, these days, “richer and skinnier than ever.”

The reader is treated to the full gush, learning that Gore’s net worth is “well over the $200 million mark” and that he divides his time between "his 20-room, $4 million home in Nashville’s tony Belle Meade neighborhood and a separate apartment in San Francisco’s St. Regis luxury hotel residences.”

And then–here comes the really awesome part–there’s the “recognition of a Nobel Prize and even an Oscar award for his climate proselytizing.”

Even an Oscar. Just imagine. Impossible not to swoon.

But it isn’t all about being rich and thin. That’s just lagniappe. Mr. Gore is on a mission:

“I want to catalyze the emergence of a solution to the climate crisis as quickly as possible. Period.”

And how is that going? Sorry you asked. Seems Gore's,

… quest has produced few clear successes. Public opinion polls show Americans repeatedly rank climate change near the bottom of their list of priorities for the country. Greenhouse gas emissions have continued their upward march ... Repeated legislative defeats in Washington and more than two decades of largely fruitless international negotiations have left many in the environmental movement searching for new strategies, and new leaders.

Well, you can’t win ‘em all. And, anyway, he’s still rich and thin and isn’t that just marvelous?

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