This morning on MSNBC, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough blasted the pro-Obama super PAC for running an ad that suggested Mitt Romney was responsible for a women dying of cancer.

Then, Brzezinski and Scarborough went after Obama's campaign for playing along, pretending not to know that the facts of the ad are wrong. "They're not telling the truth," Brzezinski said.

"This is s so short-sighted and stupid that I can't believe an organization that is this good has allowed themselves to be caught in such petty lies over the last 24 hours," added Scarborough.

Yesterday, MSNBC also spent the morning talking about how the bad the Obama super PAC ad is:

Mark Halperin said then: "This is about as low as either side has gone ... it's a despicable ad."

And even the Huffington Post's Sam Stein said, "This is like so beyond what we need to discuss. ... This just I think takes it too far."

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