MSNBC host Al Sharpton held a rally today, reenacting the famed civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery. "[I]nstead of protesting Jim Crow segregation and police brutality, he's opposing voter ID laws, right-to-work laws, and the Alabama illegal immigration bill," the Washington Examiner reported. It was a political rally, with Sharpton preaching the platform of the Democratic party.

And in fact the political rally was broadcast on cable television. Sharpton's speech was aired on MSNBC, Sharpton's employer:

Though opinionated hosts are normal, it is not considered common practice for cable news networks to go this far--and practically host political rallies.

When Glenn Beck, for instance, held his major (non-political) rally on the National Mall a couple years, attracting hundreds of thousands, Fox News, his then employer, actively distanced itself from their employee. "[I]t appears Fox News as a whole and certain elements within Fox News are actively trying to distance themselves from the event," Mediatite reported at the time.

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