Retired Army colonel Patrick Murray, Republican candidate for Congress in Virginia's Eighth District, has a new web ad based on Rep. Jim Moran's outrageous comment that Murray hasn't "served or performed in any kind of public service" but merely "taken a government check" while serving in the Army "because the military is still part of the federal government":

Murray said in a phone interview with THE WEEKLY STANDARD the comments are offensive to all service members and their families. "It's very unfortunate that a member of Congress whose district has both the Pentagon and Arlington Cemetery said this," he said. Murray cited Moran's votes to cut off funding for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and his false claims of endorsements from groups like the Disabled American Veterans Association and the Military Officers Association of America.

"There is a pattern here," Murray said.

The video of Moran's comments to the Arlington County Democratic Committee first gained considerable attention after it appeared on Tommy Valentine, a 16-year-old Republican activist from Alexandria, started the website and found the clip of Moran speaking from a liberal blogger's YouTube page. Valentine is also the purveyor of the near-ubiquitous "Retire Jim Moran" yardsigns seen throughout this Northern Virginia district.

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